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L. V. Beethoven, "Sonatine C major" for mandolin & harpsichord

SCORE: SonCdur.pdf(264KB)     MIDI: SonCdur.mid

J. Pachelbel, (transcription by Y.Sato) "Kanon" for mandolin ensemble

SCORE(in E): KanonM.pdf(0.5MB)      MIDI: KanonM.mid
SCORE(in F): KanonmF.pdf(0.6MB)
SCORE(in E,ver.2008): Kanon2008b.zip(0.3MB)

P. I. Tchaikovsky, (transcription by Y.Sato) "The Nutcracker -The Rose Waltz-"
for mandolin orchestra (1999,2000 version)

SCORE(including flute): Fleurs99.pdf(0.4MB)     MIDI: Fleurs99.mid
(Zipped PDFs): Fleurs99a.zip(0.6MB)
SCORE(no flute): Valse00.pdf(0.4MB)        Cadenza Variations: ValseGV1.pdf

R. Wagner, (transcription by Y. Sato) "The Mastersingers of Nuremberg -Prelude-"
for mandolin orchestra

Zipped SCORE:Meister2012.pdf.zip

B.Bartók, (transcription by Y. Sato) "Seven Pieces from Mikrokosmos"
for mandolin & guitar ensemble

zipped SCORE:SevenMikro2013.pdf.zip

movies concerned (YouTube)
movies concerned (Hatsune Miku)

C. Debussy, (transcription by Y. Sato) "Beau Soir "
for mandolin & guitar ensemble

zipped SCORE:BeauSoir2015.pdf.zip

movies concerned (YouTube)-

Yoshimichi Sato, "Winter Field" for 4 instruments

SCORE: W_Field.pdf(239KB)      MIDI: W_Field.mid

Yoshimichi Sato, "An Early Summer Poem" for piano solo

SCORE: ESPoem.pdf(226KB)      MIDI: ESPoem.mid

Yoshimichi Sato, "Summer Rain" for piano duet

(Under composition) Sample MIDI: SumRain0.mid

Yoshimichi Sato, "Late Autumn" for piano solo

(Under composition) Sample MIDI: LatAutm0.mid

Yoshimichi Sato, "Impression of Mt.Iide" for orchestra

(Under composition) Sample MIDI: 98iide0.mid

Yoshimichi Sato, Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki, JAPAN

My birthday is same as Beethoven's.(16 Dec.)
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